Matthew Witek

Full Stack Web Application Developer

I am a software developer residing in Michigan. My main tools are Ruby, CoffeeScript, HAML, SCSS.

Projects I've Worked On

Places I've Worked

Barclays - Full Stack Developer

Worked on a nationally marketed UK e-commerce web application within a large, globally distributed team. I worked on a wide variety of features ranging from a client side angularJS shopping basket, optimizing page caching performance, to programmatically encrypting and archiving files.

Astrails - Full Stack Developer

Astrails is a development shop out of Tel Aviv, Israel. I work on many different types of applications and have the pleasure of working along side Vitaly Kushner (co-author of The Rails 4 Way).

Digital Reflow - Software Consultant

Digital Reflow is a digital agency out of London, England. I assist with implementation of various software feature. Most recently I converted one of their larger client applications from mongoDB to Postgresql. I also offer guidance and advice on building scalable product and programming best practices.

The Scrap Post - Software Consultant

When the scrap post brought me on board their software was in shambles. I quickly started cleaning up the mess by first auditing the code, then fixing all the failing tests. After the code was in a decent state I then added an advanced search widget, fixed performance issues (n+1 queries, database indexing issues, etc) and other various small tasks.

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